Only BigSky Benilde will be the officially recognized platform

for the conduct of online makeup classes. You may use other media and applications like Skype, Zoom, or Facebook as part of your online teaching strategies, but these activities must be documented in one form or another in your BigSky course to be recognized.

Technical and Pedagogical Support

BigSky Tutorials

Step by step text and video tutorials (text and video) are posted on


All login/password concerns should be forwarded to the at

Tech Coaches

Identified faculty members to assist other faculty members in handling their online classes. See the list below.


Identified faculty members  to assist you in setting up your online course/s.


KR Fernandez, (ESC)
Ryan Flores, (BACC)
Aldous Tobias, (ESC)
Romeo Catap, (ESC)
Patrick Frias (BACC)
Jag Garcia, (NMC)
Vani Puente, (NMC)
Jen Maninang, (NMC)
Trini Suguitan, (NMC)
Kat Juane, (NMC)
Yolec Homecillo, (NMC)
Carmela Lapena, (NMC)
Jimboy Latumbo, (NMC)(


Chris Lee
Mier Zapanta
Dennis Sebastian
Marie Paz
Leslie Bitoy
Merce Brodit
Stephen Petranek
Lhoree Valerio
Glenn Ricaforte


Beni Estepa
Jeni Fabula
Triste Gani
Jhino Ilano
Jocelyn Castro
Jerrecho Pituk
Jose Marie Gonzales
Raphael Santiago
Vangie Enriquez
Toni Ingles
Santi Repatacodo


John Baliza
Rochelle Martin
Anna Arce
Nikki Templo-Perez


Rene Valladolid
Kathy Samaniego
Desi Sapnit
Guill Mariano
Shay Juan Moner


Roger del Cano
Vangie Mina
Pamela Go
Jude Latorre
Anne Camit
JJ Sale
Chit Vallena
Cathy Mojado


Myla San Gabriel Levi Albania Marj Pagaduan

Asynchronous learning in BigSky

Asynchronous learning is highly recommended over synchronous learning sessions. 

NOT Everyone can be online all at the same time.

Considering so many factors, including internet connectivity, not everyone can be online all at the same time.

Online classes do not need to be conducted within the same time

Your online classes do not need to be conducted within the same time period as your regular classroom schedules.

Presentations / Lectures

Use of video

Lessons can be administered through pre-recorded video using mobile phones. Videos are recommended to be uploaded in a third-party source (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and only the link will be posted in BigSky.

Use of other online tools

Faculty can utilize other tools for lectures and demos such as Facebook Live, Google hangouts provided that instructions and additional resources are posted in BigSky.

Other LMS for lectures/demos

The faculty should provide a proof of use other media/tools or LMS for lectures/demos by making screenshots of proceeding and uploading this in BigSky for compliance and monitoring

AssessmentS & Submissions

Submission Bin

Faculty members are required to create a submission bin using Dropbox and add forum / discussion boards to process the provided lectures or demonstrations.

Demo-based Course

For demo-based courses, the student may submit a video him/her performing the demonstration.



Courses that require live arts such as dance, theater, music, culinary, beverage, wine, and some computer laboratory courses such as INFOSYS, CULYSIS, TRAVSYS can be tagged as TEMPORARY DEFERRABLE (9.9) courses.

Thesis Defense​

Thesis with Visuals

For Thesis Defense that requires visuals, the visuals can be uploaded in BigSky in advance. Files that require huge space must be using links from third-party source (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc.). Defense can be done through conference calls using BigSky Virtual Classroom.

Thesis without visual / product / model requirements

For Thesis Defense without visual / product / model requirements, defense can be done through conference calls using BigSky Virtual Classroom.


Thesis with models/products/actual item

For Thesis Defense with models/products/actual item the body agreed that will be a TEMPORARY DEFERRABLE (9.9) courses.; The list of these types of courses to be given to RO for processing.

Service Learning Courses and NSTP

Alternative outputs

Alternative outputs have already been determined and the submission of such will be through BigSky only.

No more off-campus activities

There will be no more off-campus activities and bringing in of partners for Service Learning courses.


CSL will communicate this to all faculty teaching SL courses.

Online Consultation with NGO

NSTP will be done through an online consultation with NGO partners. Materials can be sent online thru BigSky.


Current 9.9 courses

Current 9.9 courses should be applied. For non-9.9 courses, the body agreed to extend the academic calendar for the submission of the final projects/required outputs

List of Deferrable Subjects

School Deans to prepare list of deferrable subjects (non 9.9 courses that will be recommended to be a 9.9 course temporarily) and submit this RO. RO will verify and adjust.

List of Deferrable Subjects

Based on the list from the Deans of temporary 9.9 courses, late grades submission will be allowed. The extension can be from the term break to the first 2 weeks of classes. If the student fails to submit the requirements despite the extended deadlines, late dropping of enrolled post-requisite courses will be allowed without any penalties.


List of Deferrable Subjects

If suspensions of classes are prolonged, all grades for final list of non-9.9 courses should still be encoded through SIS. The printed FINAL grades (Excel) submission will be extended until classes/school operation resume.

Filing For An Online Class

How to File an
Online Makeup Class

Planning and managing Online Courses

How to Conduct an Online Class

Using BigSky To Conduct Online Class

Preparing to move your class online

Online Class

Guidelines in conducting
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