Virtual Benilde (ViBe)

ViBe is a response to the challenge of continuing education amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As face-to-face courses were updated and optimized to fit the online learning modality and by leveraging availables technologies coupled with a pedagogically-driven integrated learning platform, Benilde continues to embrace the new normal by providing a means to deliver education to students’ homes and ensure the safety of all Benildean associates and students around the world.

CHECK: A Guide to Effective Online Learning

Online Learning and other technology mediated comparable approaches to education are upon us and are here to stay 

in the new normal. This is ‘Check: A Guide To Effective Online Learning”.

BigSky Benilde

BigSky Benilde is the official cloud-based learning management system of the College. It is powered by D2L (Desire2Learn) the creator of the Brightspace LMS platform with over 20 years of experience in education delivery and 15 million users worldwide. It is a secure and reliable platform built by educators who are deeply concerned about helping all learners reach their full potential. 


BigSky contains an array of tools for building engaging courses. It can help create content, organize modules and host online learning resources.thereby facilitating course delivery, student assessment and communication. It provides a single place for teachers and students to come together and interact either for fully online, blended or as a supplement to face-to-face courses.

Active Learning

Engage in active learning anytime and anywhere! Not only can you join discussion threads, submit requirements, and take tests but you can also interact with your peers, track your personal progress, and receive feedback – all in real time.

Offline Access

You need not be online all time time. Download course materials straight into your computer – or into your tablet using Binder – and enjoy access to all your course materials whenever you need them even when you are offline.

Stay Up-to-Date

Be reminded of your upcoming deadlines through your phone even when you’re on the go! Connect your BigSky accounts to the Brightspace Pulse App by D2L and can receive real-time notifications & calendar updates. 

Getting Started: FAQs About Online Learning

Frequently asked questions about online learning answered. Understand what online learning entails,

the difference between full distance, blended, hybrid learning, the difference between synchronous and

asynchronous sessions and many more.


Benilde of the
Future Initiative

Benilde of the Future Initiative

The Benilde of the Future Initiative (BOFI) is a plan to move forward and address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic while at the same time, transitioning Benilde into a 21st-century educational institution. Educational institutions are social arenas. A no contact, fully online environment is not the way for us to go in a post-pandemic world. There has to be a semblance of the past, albeit greatly reduced, in order to continue delivering a holistic educational experience with emphasis on the development of interpersonal skills and lasting relationships amongst Benildeans. 


The post-pandemic Benilde will be inclusive, incorporating off-campus provisions and in-campus facilities to cater to as many students as possible who have challenges in adapting to the new world due to issues in equipment, connectivity, physical space and mental health. All members of the Benildean community who will be on campus will be required to adhere to health and safety protocols and physical distancing guidelines. Classes will be conducted and attended from within the campus and from homes. Dual-lab setups will also be considered. Classrooms and labs will be equipped with professional video conferencing equipment and apps. The school’s Internet will be boosted to make sure it can handle simultaneous streaming of all classes. 


BOFI will be an aggregation of traditional and technological systems that are flexible enough to cater to different learning styles and learners. It will require re-evaluation of existing policies and guidelines, and re-imagining of temporal and physical spaces that govern our academic and non-academic operations.

Our Vision for Learning

Learn Benilde’s vision for learning as described by our former leaders and Mr. Rogelio Dela Cruz, the Director of the Center for Educational Technology.

This is How We Learn

Benildean students talk about their learning styles, how they communicate, and how technology is helping them in their studies.

Why Should We Go Hybrid

Benildean Faculty talk about the benefits of  face to face and online learning and why hybrid learning is the way to go.

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