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Webinar Series

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Video Recording
Using OBS

"OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Studio is a free software mainly used for recording video from the screen, streaming, and video editing. It as well lets you incorporate functions such as adding images or videos elsewhere to the final product. It's one of the most commonly used software for said tasks. For more info:"

Designing Badges using Classic Badge Designer

"Give your students some badges as awards for doing a great job! Learn the basics of how to create one using the Classic Badge Designer of BigSky. Tips will be shared with you in creating simple and bold badges. You can go to this link for more info:"

DIY Video Clinic

A short, informal learning clinic on maximizing simple resources for producing better-quality DIY lecture materials in the comfort (and safety!) of your home. Hair and make-up optional, film crew not required.

Quiz in BigSky

Learn how to create a quiz (multiple choice, T or F, etc.) in BigSky! To have quick preview, you can go to this link: Nevertheless, tips and tricks on creating quizzes will be shared with you in this session."

Cumulative Grading & Grading in BigSky

"So, how do you grade? Learn 2 things in this 2-hour session: . Why cumulative grading system is more appropriate than averaging and . How to set this up in BigSky Check the Benildean Instructor's Guide to Online Learning, VII. Evaluating Outcomes: Setting up the Grade Book in BigSky:"

Online Tools for an Engaging Class Environment

Set time to experience some online tools that you can use in class for an engaging learning environment. Have a quick view of the list of available tools that you can explore online:

Rubric in BigSky

Here's a quick way to grade your students with a few clicks through your own rubric. Check this link for more info:

BigSky Automation Tools

Let BigSky work for you. Know how to use the power of release conditions, setting up badges, and intelligent agents to make your online course work on their own. To recap about course content organization, here's a link from Brightspace: